Gilroy Smart ABM with Cyance’s intent data


Orange Business Services is the global enterprise division of the Orange Group. It supports businesses around the world in their digital transformations by helping them connect, protect and innovate for sustainable business growth.

Gilroy has been working with Orange Business Services since 2015 to support their sales and marketing teams on the frontline – opening up new opportunities, winning bids and intelligently prioritising and communicating to new and existing accounts.

More recently, we have introduced intent monitoring into our programme. Cyance helps us to prioritise identified in-market accounts and use the Cyance behavioural insights to adapt content to each prospect or customer in a way that resonates.

In partnership, Gilroy and Cyance have helped Orange Business Services win more business by making account-based marketing (ABM) more effective.


Digital transformation can be complex, and potential Orange Business Services customers are not looking to work with companies who crudely push product – instead they’re looking to collaborate with partners who can provide them with meaningful advice, guidance and support to deliver value. Customers – both existing and prospective – are looking to make the move to digital transformation less complex, less intrusive, and with the reassurance that they will see greater returns in cost-savings and future value to their business.



potential customers in existing and net new accounts


personalised, always-on digital experiences to communicate relevant products and services


the preparation of more compelling and persuasive bids


key decision makers in accounts in creative ways

5. WIN

bigger contracts


Gilroy’s Smart ABM programme for Orange Business Services encompasses end-to-end ABM by identifying accounts, working closely with sales teams to focus in on opportunities and then applying our 3-step approach to support both sales and marketing functions:

  1. Getting closer to customers through research and insights
  2. Connecting and engaging with them in creative ways
  3. Winning deals through intelligent collaboration

One of the tools in our armoury is the intent monitoring platform from Cyance which we use to:

  • Help inform deeper market and customer insights, helping us understand who is in-market and where they are in the buying journey
  • Tailor communications for target accounts, based on the ‘opportunity stories’ we develop from the Cyance keyword engagement scores
  • Create a launchpad for substantial discussion and engagement with sales teams
  • Target in-market accounts through the Cyance Engage module to identify and actively target positive Orange Business Services messages to the very devices belonging to people who are conducting the relevant online research.


Marketing is not a back-end function, it is now strategically hard-wired into the business as a whole. This has delivered a much more sophisticated outlook and approach when it comes to identifying potential customers, the preparation of more compelling and persuasive bids, and how we continue to communicate with existing and new customers in a timely, relevant and informative way.

Our Smart ABM programme enables Orange Business Services to engage with identified in-market targets earlier, before an official RFP/tender process, to get ahead of and influence their IT buying cycles – particularly those higher value opportunities. It also enables Orange Business Services to align their strategic marketing and sales initiatives to increase chances of success, and maximise the effectiveness and ROI of marketing campaigns. This highly targeted and intelligent approach engenders greater results through long-term collaboration between Sales and Marketing functions.



Measured through the same campaign for accounts targeted by ‘in-market intent’ versus the standard account list targeting.



Contract values moving from sub €10m to €40m+


Value of accounts won in 1 year as a direct result of sales and marketing teams working in collaboration

Gilroy and Orange Business Services are using ABM practices at a Forrester award-winning standard to influence all stages of the buying journey and the customer lifecycle, with some impressive results.


This award recognises outstanding achievements in a particular area in sales, marketing and product functions based on the successful implementation of SiriusDecisions’ research, frameworks and best practices to improve functional performance.


Because we can identify the specific terms and topics that targets are searching for, sales people can talk the language of target accounts and open up more meaningful conversations.

“Gilroy’s work with Orange Business Services lets them join the ever-growing group of international enterprise businesses that see real tangible results by adding intent insights into their marketing and sales campaigns. Working with a partner like Gilroy allows companies to access their vast B2B campaign expertise and harness the full power of intent data to achieve outstanding results.”

Steve Russell, Senior VP Alliances and Partnerships, Cyance

“Intent data from Cyance really opens the door to opportunities that no other marketing approach can. Once those opportunities are seized the results are incredible, with unprecedented effectiveness and indisputable commercial impact. Maybe even better than all of this, is the opportunity it’s given us to develop long-term collaborative relationships with sales teams, because that is where true and mutual value lies.”

Laura Goodey, Senior Partner, Gilroy

“All our activity aims to make a lasting impression and instil confidence in customers that we understand their most pressing needs and ambitions. We can’t speak highly enough of the insights, consultancy and creative support we have received from Gilroy and the value we have gleaned from the intent data. ABM is about targeting the accounts that are actually in-market, intelligently using research and creatively personalising content to key contacts. In our programme we get results by focussing on all three of these elements – and by using best in class partners to help us achieve our goals.”

Katie Bathgate, Head of European Marketing, Orange Business Services

For more information on how Gilroy has helped Orange Business Services, or if you’d like to talk about your ABM needs, please contact:

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